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ATEE Spring Conference

Riga, 7-8th June, 2019

ATEE Spring Conference in Riga 7-8th June 2019

University of Latvia (UL) and Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) invite teachers, educators, students and other stakeholders to participate in ATEE Spring Conference 2019 which will take place:

at University of Latvia, June 7 – 8, 2019

The conference theme is “Innovations, technologies and research in education”.

Conference subtopics:

  1. Smart Pedagogy of Technology Enhanced Learning
  2. Digital Learning Materials, educational technologies, technological solutions for knowledge construction
  3. Social media in the learning process
  4. Development of media competency and aspects of Cybersecurity of Technology Enhanced Learning
  5. Innovative solutions of transformative education
  6. Challenges of teachers’ education
  7. Innovative Educational research methodologies
  8. Inclusive education
  9. Subject oriented or competency oriented approach?

With ever-increasing technological advancement, the educational environment is transforming. Countries of Bologna process in 2018 agreed that Higher Education should focus on digitalization and innovative pedagogies. The same is for other dimensions of education. The Technology development has become a trend in the global educational field. At the same time there are only fragmented studies on the educational and pedagogical aspects of technology usage and that is why there is urgent need to discuss different approaches, analyse Learning Outcomes and provide evidences of benefits of Technologies for Learning process, discuss emerging issues on media literacy, cybersecurity in Technology Enhanced environment and develop new research directions. Educators must introduce various technological innovations to prepare students for their future, where they will have to deal with different technology to make the learning process more interesting, keep students more engaged in the learning process, and, in order to improve motivation, facilitate self-directed learning. The conference will offer a possibility for everyone to participate in the discussions on modern qualitative education, innovative ideas of Smart pedagogy, the place and role of technologies in the educational process and research challenges in order to evaluate the impact of innovations on the development of different competences. Innovative pedagogical methods, different technologies and technological solutions have an immeasurable potential to broaden the range of methods applied in education, to promote learning and to introduce changes in the pedagogical process. Innovations serve as the teachers’ assistant to share the good practice, to develop learning platforms, to change the cooperation forms and to ensure in real life a teaching/learning process that places children youth and adults in the centre. However, the greatest challenge still is – how to help teachers personalize the teaching/learning content according to pupils’/students’ (learners’) individual needs and interests, to ensure a possibility for all learners to improve their potential, to provide equal opportunities for all to support and promote their learning. How to ensure that technological solutions serve not only as a help for the teacher to transform the learning principles but also facilitate pupils’ and students’ participation in the learning process, in searching creative solutions and in elaborating innovations? How to verify that the application of different innovative pedagogical methods and technologies, the change of learning forms is meaningful? What research methods should be used?

We invite teachers representing different fields and stages of education – preschool, school, higher education institutions, interest education centres, research institutions, parents and other stakeholders who want to discuss, who want to learn and offer their ideas to participate in the conference.

The information about the conference you can find here: ATEE spring 2019.

Researches presented in the conference will be published in ATEE Spring Conference 2019 proceedings.